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Sparticus, one of Jay Hunts Dexter bulls visited us over Christmas last year.

9/10/05 Kate had a bull calf named Achilles.

We have a new visitor from Jay. Hunk is a long legged red Dexter bull.

31/10/05 Grace also had a bull calf. Born on Haloween, we decided to name him after the great wizard of King Arthur's court: Merlin.

13/11/05 With our first visit from Jack Frost,Petunia also had a bull calf: Frosty. Oops - Frosty is a little heifer! Now she will be Frosty Leander.

23/11/05 Iris had a lovely bull calf and after lots of debate we have decided to name him Jesse.

1/12/05 Alice gave birth to yet another bull calf. As it is Blossoms grandchild, we will call it Bud.


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